Classes will take place at the Entrepreneur Center from 3-5p.m., followed by an hour of small group discussion from 5-6.  In addition to the classes taught by Michael Burcham, we will offer a goal setting & accountability session with Andy Bailey of Petra, as well as forum training and placement, and invitations to many EO Nashville events.

The classes take place on Wednesday afternoons and the schedule for 2016-2017 is as follows:
September 7th:  The Business:  Evaluating the Current Situation
September 14th:  The Business Model, Part 1
September 28th:  The Business Model, Part 2
October 12th:  Building the Team, Part 1
October 26th:  Building the Team, Part 2
November 9th:  Operations, Part 1
November 16th:  Operations, Part 2
November 30th:  Marketing and Sales
December 14th:  What Extraordinary Executives Do
January 4th:  Building a Growth/Scale Plan
January 18th:  Cash Management and Finance
February 1st: Funding the Plan - Where is the Money?
February 15th:  (Alternate date in case needed)
March 1st: MANDATORY FORUM TRAINING from 8a.m.-5p.m.
March 15th:  Goal Setting & Accountability